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LEAP Point of Sale

Point of sale software that integrates directly with Sage 200 or LEAP Accounting. Caters for retail, hospitality, and all other enterprises. Touch screen Point of Sale and Invoicing, Barcode scanning, Integrated User Security, Layby and Loyalty programs, Customizable forms, 80mm and A4 Invoicing.


Cost-effective financial system. Accounting software that manages and records the day-to-day financial transactions of an organization, including fixed asset management, expense management, revenue management, accounts receivable, accounts payable, sub ledger accounting, and reporting and analytics, etc…


Cost-effective Invoicing Point of Sale to Sage Evolution 200 or LEAP Accounting which manages and records the day-to-day financial transactions of an organization. Automatically generates billing for rendered services and products. Works in all types of Retail businesses.


Digital Education Software that specializes in systematic school improvement practices. It is commonly used be schools, colleges, universities, and other educational organizations to manage student data efficiently.


Remittance and/or claims importing and allocations and email automation. Tracking of bulk payments with multiple invoices sent.


Automatic Sales or Purchase order generation. Works for companies with multiple databases.


Used at all the exit and entry gates of a company. Works in multiple branches. This enables the person / security whom are dispatching the goods or receiving goods at the gate to be able to control stock being released and accepted. Should you want assets leaving the premises, you may enter it on the system, this allows the security at the gate to be aware of the release.

GateX Interface

Integration into the all scale system from the GateX main application.


Proof of Delivery cross-platform mobile app that allows the driver or user to capture a signed POD via camera within the app or shared from other apps.


Front-end application for capturing supplier/customer invoices, GRVs, and weighbridge/scale readings. Enables selection of supplier/ customer/driver/transporter/product/wastage/saturation. Supports multi-axle stage/segregated readings and generates required documents in the financial system, among other features. 


Audit Reporting Interface. Offers accountant/auditor-friendly output, displaying database changes made to the database and by whom. Interprets audit logs in a simplified and readable format. Compatible with various financial systems, and more features. 


Print Audit Monitor Software – Monitoring of document print requests. Audits all documents that are printed and by which user. Combination of a service and triggers to monitor the printing of documents. Logs which user printed or reprinted a document. Includes a GUI to view the log, with a few search tools, and many more features. 


Enables authorization of various transactions (payments, journals, updates, document creation, master record changes, etc.) with the aid of a notification sent to an authorized user to permit that transaction. Allows the transaction to be accepted or declined with a reason that the original user will be notified with, and many more features. 


A universal assimilation tool / service for multiple external disparate systems. Works with all types of systems, point of sales, manufacturing, time and access management systems, etc. and many more features. 


Front-end application that allows an authorized user to change any of the affected GL accounts within any transaction at a ledger level before producing the Annual Financial Statements without the need of an external consultant. Can be used at any time to re-align transactions in the correct GL Accounts with an intelligent search engine, a set of any transactions can found with ease. 


Companion application which runs whilst capturing a GRV. Displays total counts, total mass, total area, to assist with calculations of transport costs etc. Used for companies delivering goods from suppliers or warehouses, ensuring compliance with transport laws regarding load limits. 


Collects emailed pdf / excel documents and interprets them into a working document that will be created within any financial system. Interceptor collects the email, interprets the pdf and creates the processed or unprocessed document in your financial system. Rules can be set within the system.


A document management system which allows you to create, modify, and manage business files. These documents may be PDFs, word processing files, scanned and saved images of paper-based content, emails, financial reports, as well as spreadsheets, etc. 


Business Bank Statement Importer imports bank statements directly into cash books using predefined accounts/references. Meets bank manager and cash book requirements. Supports major bank statement formats and includes customizable formats for smaller institutions. Utilizes AI for automatic payment allocation, and many more features. 


COST ALIGNMENT SCRAPING TOOL (CAST) - Designed to assist a customer with a proper representation of your profit by adjusting the accounts that are affected by erratic / frequent cost variances. Aligns the amounts in the affected GL accounts to eliminate large differences on a balance sheet. 


Allows the user to filter out suppliers on drop down and selection within Sage Evolution 200 for specific selected commodities. Speeds up procurement when dealing with a large supplier database. Assists the user with finding suppliers in specific categories when a random selection of supplier is required.


Multi lot invoicing - Facilitates the allocation of batches of single line item entries on an invoice therefore simplifying the invoicing process. ERP software that provides businesses with a range of financial management and accounting tools. Authorization features for pricing below minimum. Mapping of User to Warehouse / Debtor, and many more features. 


DigiCo is a contract signature software application which allows for a company to send customers digital contracts to sign instead of manual paperwork. Includes a GUI interface for the consultant, controls who is signing the contract and which parts of the contract is to be shown on the Customers Screen. Multiple signing scenarios and combinations. 


Fixed asset management software helps those in charge of accounting tasks accurately record assets and track depreciation. All asset data is in one place, so you can easily schedule the use of equipment to ensure that everyone has all the necessary tools they need to perform their tasks. 


Price matrix importing (faster and cleaner way of importing prices for items per group). Allows for the exporting and importing of a minimum price matrix. Allows for a minimum price for every item / customer group combination.   


Integration into customer EDI’s. 


Large enterprise cross-platform CCTV software. All branches and stores can be viewed by management or owners on one application throughout / anywhere in the world via any device that can access the internet.

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